November 26 2019

Our Family has arrived in Trail in July, they now have work, and the girl is in school. We thank everyone who has helped in any way to make this project a success.

July 5, 2017

We have been advised by the Government of Canada that our application for the family has been approved and that their application has been sent to the Visa office in Singapore, we were also advised that it may still take a year, before they arrive. We ask for your prayers, that all may go well with us and our family.

Jan 20, 2017

FORT continues to push forward in our efforts to bring a refugee family to Trail.
 Our two main goals at this time are to continue to fundraise and complete a settling plan.
At our last meeting the treasurer’s report showed a balance of $19,500, over half way to our $30,000 goal.  Donations continue to come in and we look forward to future fundraising events, which will include a spring bike rally and bake sale at Waneta Plaza.
We are working to create a settlement plan for the new arrivals.  This plan will provide information on available housing, education for children, English language education for children and adults, healthcare options etc.
We have put a hold on collecting household furnishings due to a lack of space to store them.  We are confident however, that we will be able to collect all the items we need once we have been assigned a family.
Meanwhile we wait to hear confirmation that our application has been processed and that the family that we have chosen has been confirmed.
Disappointingly, a recent announcement from the federal government stated, that the number of refugees who will be allowed into Canada in 2017 has decreased greatly from the 25,000 of last year.  So while thousands of groups like ours have sprung up all over Canada, the numbers of families available for immediate sponsorship has decreased.  In light of this new information, we do not expect to see a new family come to Trail in the next year.
Nonetheless, we continue to forge ahead with our plans so that when we do get that call, we will be ready.

December 20, 2016

Friends of Refugees Trail (FORT) is pleased to have made a successful application to sponsor a family of three, from Pakistan.  Mom, dad and baby girl, aged 2, currently reside in Thailand where they fled to escape religious persecution, including threats of violence and death.

Although they have been given refugee status with the UNHCR, they are still living in Thailand illegally, without any official documents.  Consequently, they live every day in fear.  Police raids are frequent and the consequences of being arrested are long-term detention and/or deportation back to the home country.

While FORT continues to make plans to welcome this family to the Trail community, they are well aware of the obstacles.  “There are no guarantees and no timelines in cases like these”, stated FORT committee member Lloyd Joyce, “ We will continue to prepare for the arrival of this family and it is our greatest hope that the process will be a smooth and quick one”.

Meanwhile, FORT continues to move forward towards their goal of $30,000, which will be used to care for this family during the transition into Canadian life in Trail.   “We are two-thirds of the way there with a balance of $19,500”, says Joyce.  “We are grateful to the local community who generously supported recent fundraising efforts at Canadian Tire, Ferraro Foods, Colander and Bottle Depot.

Dec 2-3 2016

Our stay at Ferraro Foods was a great success, Thank you to all those who stopped to say hello and to contribute.  $1,194.00 received


Nov 1 2016

Meeting at Home of  Dennis Cook, Nov 7, to set up committee’s (boots on the ground) and choose a family from a list of three! We must move forward, as it will still take a year ( paperwork and more fund raising) before we have a family.

Aug 24 2016

The summer is almost over and everyone will be back to work, the kids in school, and yards being cleaned up for winter. As thanksgiving rolls around the corner it is time to look again at the refugees in the world, in Syria, Sudan and the Congo.  Many are displaced due to war, others through famine and drought. Our Lord Jesus was a refugee when as a babe Herod sought to kill him by murdering all the infants two years and younger.

Please help us help others, by  donating to Friends Of Refugees Trail

We now have 11,300.00 in the bank and must have 18,000.00 before we can apply for a refugee family. Again I plead for your kind donations, nothing is to small. You will be issued a Tax receipt through Canada helps that can be used next year for your income tax.

Paulette Cook

Aug 22 2016

We held a dinner meeting at the home of Dennis and Paulette Cook, there were 10 people in attendance. We discussed the raising of funds, for the upcoming fall and early spring. We discussed a bike-a-thon in the spring, and were wondering what kind of interest there is in it, and volunteers to help with it. Contact Dennis Cook, Lloyd Joyce.

May 30 2016

We were blessed to have RAHAF from Syria visit us. She speaks Arabic, English, French & some Turkish. She will be living with private sponsors Ian & Melva Scott Fruitvale.

DSCN2926 DSCN2932

May 10 2016

Gathering of Refugee sponsoring groups central B.C. Evangel Church Kelowna.This was a training session with plenty of information to absorb.

44,800 expected to arrive this yr.

Govt. assisted 24,600 DSCN2908

Private Sponsorship 17,800                       BVOR  2,400                                                 GARS 1400 designated to B.C. this fall.

      DSCN2906 DSCN2916

May 1 2016

We have the garage sale behind us, raising $3000. Thanks to all who labored hard. To all those who contributed to it’s success, with your donations.DSCN2784 DSCN2785DSCN2786DSCN2783

April 4 2016

It has been a busy Easter Season, We have had many ups and downs and many disheartening moments, but we have not abandoned the ship and are back in full force.  The Government has re-instated the BVOR  program for refugees, To date we have raised $5,000.00 into the Trail Friends of Refugees Sponsorship Fund. Please check out the Goal Thermometer on the dropdown under committees (the fund raising page.)


March 15/2016

After many ups and downs, now again, off again, we have our direction, and now are able to move forward again. The bank account has been set up with three signing officers.

Dennis Cook


 Posted Feb. 4, 2016  Trail Times

Our new committee

2012-01-01 refugee committee 002

move forward, and begin fund raising,

The web page will be launched Monday Jan 25 2016

Many thanks to Ian and Melva Scott for their support and help.

Thanks to Ken Siemens for bringing us some of his parishioners, that stepped up to the plate .


News Jan 19 2016

They are Coming (WKFoR)- Rossland Update:

We just don’t know when.  We are waiting nervously for a call to plan for the arrival of our family of four and the single woman being sponsored by the Scotts in Fruitvale. We have requested that the agencies handling transportation arrange for them to land at the Trail airport, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate it may mean a trip to Kelowna or Cranbrook.

Preparing a Welcome

Virginia Clover is hoping to prepare a sign in Arabic for us to take to the airport to welcome our new family.  With the help of Catherine Adair, she has located a couple of local resource people – Hakim Aitami (who speaks Arabic and Waseem Saeed who can read and write it).

Virginia has also been researching cultural customs that we can keep in mind when interacting with our new guests.  Direct eye contact is okay and considered polite, but touching someone of the opposite sex is not. It’s probably best to avoid using your left hand to pass food etc. since it is considered taboo.  Feet can also be considered rude, especially if the soles are pointed at someone.


News Jan 18 2016 -Trail

Dennis was invited by Pastor Ken Siemans of the Alliance church to talk at their prayer breakfast on Sat Jan 16 with the support of Einer and Ian.  Dennis reported that interest was high and went well, Ian Scott also shared how he and his wife Melva are expecting a young lady from Syria through the private sponsorship program.

We had the opportunity to attend a great service at the Peace/Trinity Lutheran Church, and received a warm welcome from Paster Ron Abresch and appreciated the opportunity to fellowship with the congregation over a light lunch. Thank you.

We attended the prayer service at the Gateway Christian Life Church with Assistant Pastor Susan Taylor. Thank you Susan for your warm reception and kind words of support.

Fr. Bart has informed the other church ministers what is happening at the last Ministerial meeting Jan 12, 2016. Thank you Fr. Bart for your generous support and direction.


We need:Trail

1 – someone to lead the fund raising committee.

2 – to help compose news content for the website.

3 – Subcommittees


Good morning;
Our first meeting was held at the home of Dennis & Paulette Sunday Dec 13 2015.
With 12 in attendance, the discussion was relaxed with plenty of input regarding the challenges ahead.
We have moved forward a little closer to forming the committee to sit around the table. Still plenty of preliminary work to do.
More research is being done in setting up finances & official paper work with the SAH in Kelowna.
Looking for help in building & running a web site as well as a face book page.
Our next meeting will be in the New Year, Jan 14- 2016 place to be decided; Your input much appreciated at that time.
A list of the tasks that need attention: go to volunteer page.
Hope to see you at next meeting.