June 17 2016

Demystifying Refugees

While we consider ourselves generous and open minded many Canadians are opposed to accepting more refugees.  The Canadian Council for Refugees takes apart some of the myths.

  • Refugees are not threats to security – they are seeking security and protection from threats to their lives and go through a security screening process before they get approved to come here.
  • Families become contributors to society, both economically and socially.  Those who are supported by families have an easier time getting established.
  • Canada has room to receive more refugees.  Canada is ranked number 33 according to the number of refugees per capita.
  • The cost of health care for refugees and refugee claimants is only 10% of that of other Canadians.

March 16 2016

BVOR Update & New Cases:
Dear Sponsors,
Please see below an update from IRCC on the BVOR Program:

IRCC is pleased to announce that it will resume posting profiles for Blended Visa Office-Referred (BVOR) refugees on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. So far this year, more than 2,400 refugees have been made available for sponsorship through the BVOR initiative.   Our goal for 2016 is to refer up to a total of 5,000 refugees for sponsorship through this program.

From March to July, IRCC will post 100-250 persons (depending on availability of travel-ready cases and operational considerations) on a bi-weekly basis, with an expected total of 1,600 persons by the end of July.  Most of the refugees posted during this period are expected to be admitted in 2016.  In October and November, IRCC will post 100-250 persons, also on a bi-weekly basis, for a total of 900-1000 persons.  Most of the refugees posted during this period are expected to be admitted in 2017.  The profiles will include refugees from various populations, but the majority are expected to be Syrian. 

A new website to post profiles under the BVOR program is being developed.  Until the website is ready, we will continue to send spreadsheets by email through the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP), as had been the practice in January 2016.  Profiles will be available for 3 weeks, and sponsors will have a total of 6 weeks from the date the profile was first posted to submit their sponsorship undertaking to the Centralized Processing Office in Winnipeg.

Groups of Five and Community Sponsors will continue to be able to participate in this program in 2016, and will be able to sponsor refugees from all refugee populations.

Please note that RSTP will be sharing one new list of Syrian & non-Syrian BVOR cases today at 1:30 pm EST.

We will not be able to respond to every hold request so if we have not replied to your email within 24 hours, please assume that your hold request was not successful. Once we email you confirming that a case is on hold for you and provide you with the extended profile, you will have 3 days to confirm the sponsorship with RSTP. This will allow us time to repromote cases and match them with sponsoring groups within IRCC’s 3 week posting deadline.

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to working closely with you over the next few months!

Warm regards,