April 29, 2017

We have made 2261.15 At the Garage sale and we thank all of those who contributed their time and unwanted items to make our garage sale a success.

April 16, 2017

We wish to thank all those who helped to make our Bake Sale at Waneta Plaza a huge success: We raised $820.00 with very littl left over. We also wish to thank St Rita’s Parish in Fruitvale for opening their arms to us and allowing us to sell the remaining goods there.

April 06 2017

Our next event is about to happen, with a bake tabel at the Waneta Mall on April 15 2017 time is 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. we still need help with donation of baked goods and buyers for the baked goods. The Mall will be open for drop off of goodies at 8:00 am.

Our Garage Sale will be held in Tadanac, at 105 Kootenay Ave on April 29, Saturday. Your donations are welcome, come all!

Bike Rally will be held last day of May or first of June, to be announced, also routes for the competition. Pledge forms are being made up for further info call Lloyd Joyce 250-364-3020

Jan24, 2017

We are planing several fundraising events, this year, a garage and plant sale event at end of April, a donation table at the Liquor store, a donation and bake table at Waneta Mall, a bicycle rally. Keep in touch for dates and times. Follow the link to updates on our refugee family. http://friendsofrefugeestrail.com/events/updates/

Dec 12-17 2016

Come visit us at Ferraro Foods Monday to Friday. 3:30-5:30,                                     Saturday 10:00-6:00pm

Dec 5 2016

Thanks to every one who attended the Advent Music Festival at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, and donating to the refugee fund, we received $598.00. We now have a bank balance of $18508.00

Dec. 3 2016

Thanks to everyone who donated on Friday and Saturday making our fundraising event a huge success. We took in $1194.00

Dec. 2 & 3

We are setting up a donation table at Ferraro Foods

Trail BC Please come out and support us. We have put in our

Application for a family and still need another $13,000.00 to

support them for a whole year. Thanks for your help!.

Nov 1 2016

Thanks to all who helped to make these two fundraising events a success:

We raised 425.00 from the Bottle Depot, and 701.00 from the Collander Restaurant. Making our toltal funds 16,703.00. We now have the names of three families to choose from, and are moving forward setting up committee’s to help with the family when they arrive next year!

Oct 1 2016

bottle poster 2

Bring your bottles and cans to the Bottle Depot in the Gulch, and place them in the designated container, the depot staff will sort them and give us the funds that they generate, Date Oct 1 – Oct 31 2016Poster Aug 2016. pg3pub

Come one come all to the Colander, come twirl with us! A table has been set aside for your dining pleasure, 10% will be donated to the Friends of Refugees Trail.

Date Sept 6 – Oct 31 2016

June 13, 2016

Our second was a great success, with $1030.00 raised, we thank all our neighbors and friends for their help with gazebo’s and tables and donations, that helped to make this a success. we specially thank the makers of the chilli, which sustained us through the day.

June 11, 2016

Garage Sale to be held at 1108 Marianna Crescent Trail BC come and support us Friends of Refugees Trail.

April 4, 2016



April 31/16

Our first fund raising event was a huge success, we raised just over $3000.00. We thank all the people who helped to make this event a success, Those who donated their time and labour, and those who donated their unwanted items.