Nov. 26/19

Thankyou to all the generous persons that donated to our Cause. We now have the necessary funds to support our family for one year.  It is much appreciated, from us on the core, and our Family, who are now in Trail. Please pray for all of us!

November 18, 2017

Thank You everyone for the generous contribution of baked goods, and time provided for our bake sale at Waneta Mall we raised $725.50. Thank you for your support, and continued prayers!

June 7, 2017

Thank you everyone for your generous donations at the plant sale and bike-a-thon, We made $600.00 on the plant sale and 4500.00 on the bike-a-thon.

April 29,2017

Thank you everyone for makeing the Bake Sale (820.00) Garage Sale (2305.00) a great success. For your hard work in baking goods and time spent at the mall also those who purchased and enjoyed the baked goods. We wish to give a special thanks to all those who worked hard making the garage sale a success by donating their time. We also wish to thank all of those who participated by donating goods for sale, and all of those who purchased  those goods.

Dec 18 2016

Thank you Everyone who donated and made our two fundraising events a success (Ferraro Foods on Friday Dec 2, and Saturday Dec 3, also at the Advent Music Festival at Holy Trinity Church. The Holy Trinity Choir, United Church Choir, Rossland Sacred Heart Choir, Major Jenny from the Salvation Army, and many more for making our evening a huge success. Donations of 557.00 to the Friends of Refugees Trail, and non perishable food items to the United Church Food Bank.

Nov 1 2016

Thank you to everyone for contributing to these two fund raising events, We made 425.00 from the bottle drive, and  703.30 from the Collander.Restaurantbottle poster 2Poster Aug 2016. pg3pub

We need energetic fund raisers to plan events that will help provide the funds for our refugee family.

Sept 17 2016

Thanks to those who have donated through our donation button and by cheque, raising the amount to just over $13,000

June 11, 2016

The Garage sale was another success, We have reached just under $9,000.00

We need energetic fund raisers to plan events that will help provide the funds for our refugee family.